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Eileen Hickey

Who Is Eileen Hickey?

Welcome to The Eileen Hickey Irish Republican Museum. The Museum was founded by Eileen Hickey who was the 1st O.C of Armagh Prison 1973-1977.


About Eileen

The Artefacts and Memorabilia

To the right you will see a series of images that we have selected to give you a small sneak peak at the pieces of history we have collected over the last 100 years. We have created a gallery with an almost virtual tour for you to take. To see more images please view our Gallery. 

The Gallery


The Museum

The museum houses a vast collection of artifacts and prison handcrafts, representing various phases of the struggle for Irish freedom. Included are many items dating back to the Rebellions of 1798 and 1803, medals from the 1916-1923 period, as well as personal items from various periods of imprisonment endured by Irish Republicans in every decade. Visitors can see firsthand a replica of a prison cell in the former women’s jail in Armagh, complete with authentic furnishings, even a cell door. An interactive library and computer suite are available to anyone wishing to undertake research on aspects of Irish history. The museum is a voluntary, independent organization solely reliant on private contributions for its development, upkeep and operation.

The Gallery

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